Thursday, March 14, 2013

Official Nexus 4 Bumper no longer available for purchase from Google Play, possibly for good

Google is on quite a roll today after the announcement that they’ll be killing off Google Reader come July, it looks like another popular item could be getting the axe as well — the official Nexus 4 bumper case. The listing on Google Play is now showing the description “Nexus 4 Bumper (Black) is no longer available for sale,” which sounds a bit ominous and has us questioning if it’ll ever come back.

Furthermore, a quick hope onto the Nexus 4 listing has removed the accessory from the page entirely, leaving the Wireless Charger as the sole Nexus 4 accessory. But just because it may have been removed forever off the Play Store doesn’t mean you wont get another chance to buy one. Official LG Nexus 4 bumper cases have been popping up at wireless retailers (even in an all new white option) and there are still these pretty snazzy Poetic bumper cases in a variety of color options from Amazon at half the price.

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What do you want to see in the Samsung Galaxy S4?

We’re just over 24 hours away from seeing what new wonders Samsung has to offer the world for 2013, and we couldn’t be any more excited. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will set the tone for Samsung’s strategy this year, and the company — as always — is pressured to tip the innovation scale quite a bit. With that, I’m sure many of you have an idea of what you want to see out of Samsung’s top dog, even if it’s just one feature or the whole kit and kaboodle.

Whether it be a big, bright 1080p display, a phone that finally has some sort of aluminum injected in its chassis, or Samsung’s octa-core Exynos processor unveiled back at CES, we want to know what you’re hoping for out of this thing. A few folks have already gotten that discussion going over at the Samsung Galaxy S4 section at

If you’re looking for something to pass the time until Samsung’s ready to lift the curtains then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hop over there and drop your two cents. You could just as easily leave your thoughts in the comments section below, as well — believe me, we’re all curious to know what the world’s hoping for and expecting from Samsung as it looks to stun the mobile world tomorrow.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 to be refreshed with bigger battery, wireless charging

Although Samsung’s successor to the Galaxy S3 is set to be announced in a couple of short days, it seems the company could be prepping a refresh to the line. According to insider Eldar Murtazin, the refresh will bring about a better display, a 2,400 mAh battery, and will be outfitted with the necessary bits for wireless charging.

That’s a worthy retake on one of 2012′s best phones, and at the right price it could be even more enticing for some people than shelling out for the Galaxy S4. Of course, those who already own the Galaxy S3 won’t see the need to step up to this particular version, especially when you can take care of most of those upgrades with third-party products.

We’re not sure when to expect the refresh, but don’t be surprised if we forget all about it by the time Samsung hits New York March 14th — there are bigger, and better things to look forward to on the horizon.

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