Monday, December 24, 2012

How to backup HTC Sensation XL text messages to PC with Android SMS transfer?

When the HTC Sensation arrived, HTC made it clear that it considered it a high-end flagship product. It packed specs to make the Samsung Galaxy S2 look nervously over its shoulder at number one in our list of the best mobile phones, mixed with that ol' HTC software magic.
Only a few months later, we've got two new Sensation handsets. The HTC Sensation XE, which beefed up the processor even further and added Beats Audio. The HTC Sensation XL (try to keep up) instead offers a larger screen than the original Sensation, but with a 1.5GHz single-core processor, 16GB of built-in memory, and Beats Audio (like the XE).
Though the Sensation XL's screen has been increased to 4.7 inches from the Sensation's 4.3 inches, the resolution is actually lower.

Reviews on this Sensation XL phone.
The Good
  1. Huge display is great to have
  2. First-class performance
  3. Fantastic camera
  4. Beats Audio headphones are a big plus in this package
The Bad
  1. Beats Audio profile only works in default music player
  2. No expandable memory
  3. TV out requires adapter, no HDMI

But Also for HTC fans, This Sensation XL is so beautiful. For Sensation XL users, how to backup HTC Sensation XL text messages to pc or mac?

With AST android sms transfer, android phone users could backup sms, edit sms on computer, transfer and restore sms to other android phone, print and save sms in a text or csv file.

More info, please refer to this guide:How to backup HTC Sensation XL text messages to PC.

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