Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tutorial-Backup Text Messages in a Text File

More important text messages in my android phone, sometimes i want to read again, could we read them like read a book?

If these important text messages could be exported as a text file, saved as a adobe pdf, it will be more convenient for reading again. Such as copying text messages from text file to blogs, websites, and printing them out in book form, it also maybe a wonderful souvenir.
I found a ast android sms transfer app in download.cnet, which could backup android sms to a text document or csv file on my computer.

Here i will tell you my experience with this backup android sms to text file tool.

Download it at cnet(only found the mac version, the windows version i found it in their official website:, and i download the windows version). The download file includes a apk file, which could be installed in my android phone galaxy s3.
After installed on s3, click to open it.

Press “Backup SMS” to backup android text messages.
Now, install the windows version on my pc.(mac user must download the mac version and install it on your Mac. The apk file is the same one in both windows and mac installer).
After installed the ast android sms transfer windows on pc, click to run, and click “file” to import backuped sms file(a db file, I found it in a folder of my phone named “SmsBackup“, copy it to my pc, don’t delete it in your phone.).

Now I choose messages from someone which need to be exported as text file(also you could edit and delete messages, but when you edited and deleted messages, the db file on your pc will be changed. And if you want the original backuped file, copy the backuped sms file from your phone again). The final step, click “export” to saved sms as a text document on pc.

It’s so easy to export sms from android phone to a text document file. It’s a wonderful android sms backup tool. Now I have purchased the full version.(the above free trial version could only backup ten messages for testing.)

More tutorials about ast android sms transfer, you could view their website, how to backup and restore android sms

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