Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to backup sms in Samsung Droid Charge

The good: The Samsung Droid Charge has a gorgeous Super AMOLED Plus touch screen. Verizon's 4G LTE data speeds are superfast, and the smartphone offers longer battery life than the HTC ThunderBolt. Call quality and camera quality are also good.
The bad: The Droid Charge is large. It's also pricey, especially considering it doesn't have some of the latest features, like a dual-core processor.
The bottom line: It's not the prettiest or most advanced smartphone, but the Samsung Droid Charge takes advantage of Verizon's great 4G data speeds, while offering decent battery life.

How to backup sms in Samsung Droid Charge?

AST Android SMS Transfer Offer a easy solution for Samsung Droid Charge users to backup text messagess.

Step by step on how to backup sms in Samsung Droid Charge?

1,Download this Android sms backup tool to backup android sms, and install a small android application(.apk) on Samsung Droid Charge.

2,Click to open this sms backup app in Samsung Droid Charge.

3, Click "backup SMS" to backup text messages to a db. file.

4, Now finished backuping sms in Samsung Droid Charge. The backup file(.db) is in a folder named "SmsBackup".
Tip, with the android sms transfer pc/mac version, the backuped sms could be viewed, edited, printed, also could be restored to any other android phone with this android sms transfer "sms backup/restore" app.

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