Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to backup sms in HTC Wildfire S?

The Wildfire S is HTC's response to every consumer allegation that smartphones are getting too big and unwieldy. Measuring in at 3.99 inches (101.3mm) tall and 2.34 inches (59.4mm) wide, it's actually smaller than the Wildfire it replaces. The handset measures 0.49 inches (12.4mm) at its thickest point, but a curved back and beveled front ensure it maintains a svelte shape that's very comfortable to hold. Naturally, the device keeps its signature chin, which allows users to easily grasp the phone with one hand in landscape orientation. Aside from its chrome accents on the power button, speaker grille, volume rocker (and two thin rings surrounding the display and camera lens), the Wildfire S has a very simple appearance. We tested the tri-color version of the phone, which has a metallic sheen on the front and a darker matte variation on the soft-touch battery cover, with the lightest hue encasing the camera pod.

How to backup sms in HTC Wildfire S?

AST Android SMS Transfer Offer a easy solution for HTC Wildfire S users to backup android text messages.

Step by step on how to backup sms in HTC Wildfire S?

1,Download this Android sms backup tool, and install a small android application(.apk) on HTC Wildfire S.

2,Click to open this sms backup app in HTC Wildfire S.
3, Click "backup SMS" to backup text messages to a db. file.
4, Now finished backuping sms in HTC Wildfire S. The backup file(.db) is in a folder named "SmsBackup".
Tip, with the android sms transfer pc/mac version, the backuped sms could be viewed, edited, printed, also could be restored to any other android phone with this android sms transfer "sms backup/restore" app.

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