Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tips for Transfer Pictures from Android to PC

Android mobile Backup has always been a very important issue, but most people will always think about to backup after he/she has lost all the impaortant information. Although today's cloud services development is getting better, photos can backup on Flickr, Facebook, and video can be sent to YouTube, the file can put in SkyDrive, , but you know there are still many people like to put photos on the local computer, whether laptop or desktop computers.

March 31 is World Backup Day, who used to remind the user it's time to backup data now. In fact, android cell phone pictures backup and recovery is tight inextricably linked, but most people only care about how to restore the pictures, the backup is indifferent, which of course is not acceptable.

Here we introduce a easy use software to help you Transfer Pictures from Android to PC.

Jihosoft Android Photo Transfer can backup your android pictures on your computer with simple easy steps,and this software support all android OS mobile phones, this one also have a function for transfer your video to computer. Here we talk about how to use this useful software.

Step1, Connect Android Phone to PC

Connect your Android device to PC using USB cable. After that, turn on the USB debugging. Make sure you can see your phone storage on computer. If not, Samsung users please install USB driver from samsung official website.

Step2: Run Jihosoft Android Photo Transfer

Install and run it. Click “Check Device” and the program will detect connected Android phone automatically. When your phone is detected, click “Load” to load all the photos and videos from your Android to it.

Step3: Backup Android Photos on PC

When the files are loaded completely, click “Backup” to transfer photos and videos to the destination folder on your computer. That’s all.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Convert flv to mp4 and play on htc cell phone

Which video format need to convert for watch on HTC android phone?

HTC android phone support mp4,divx,xvid,wmv,h.264,h.263 etc, but not support FLV video file, that means if you want to play for flv file, you need to convert it to other format which can play on HTC phone, In addition, you can also use the Beaver nest versatile video converter, the converter is a powerful tool, user-friendly and versatile audio and video conversion and editing tools. With it, you can onvert your video for almost all popular video formats.

learn how to convert video to htc:


Step 1: Import Source Video Files

Download and install the free trial version of Video to HTC Phones Converter into your computer. Run it, and click the “Import” button to import source video files to the program.

Convert Popular Videos to HTC MP4

Tip: Jihosoft HTC Video Converter supports batch conversion, thus you can add multiple video files to the program for processing at a time.

Step 2: Specify Output Format and Folder

Select MP4 as the output format from the drop-down menu of “Profile” and enter into the Setting window to adjust the video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc. Then specify the output path for the converted MP4 videos.

Step 3: Start Converting Video to HTC MP4

Finally, click the “Start” button, the program will work immediately to convert AVI or FLV to HTC MP4. A progress bar will appear to show the conversion process.


Step 4: Import Video to HTC for Playback

After conversion, you can connect your HTC phone to PC via USB cable, and transfer the converted MP4 video to your HTC phone for playback. Know More about Video to HTC Phones Converter

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to export Android sms

question like:
Hay all, I've troled around and haven't found an answer that is realy tickling my fancy. I need an app to export text threds to a word or quick office document (for legal issues). I have heard about SMS backup and will be dld'ing tonight to try out, but from what I have read so far it's not quite what I want. there is a certian individual that I have to save all comunications from, so I was hoping to find something where I could just select a thread. If this isn't possible I don't mind exporting all of them and just deleting what I don't need (I don't get that many SMS anyway). Any Ideas?


I was hoping that you could please tell me how can I back up and export SMS and MMS messages to my PC from Android phones (HTC Desire). I have very important messages to and from people which are actually MMS length and I dont want to ever lose these and need them backed up to my PC. So, what are some methods to back up SMS and MMS messages and export them to my PC? Thank you very much in advance. Any help is appreciated,


I want to be able to export my Android SMS database to my Mac in a friendly txt, html or pdf format that is easy to read. I have the sms.db file ready to use, i just want to be able to easily convert it. What applications that are completely free can I use? I have over 10000 sms in this database. Thanks!  visit:  Use AST android sms transfer to export android sms: 1. To get started, free download the latest version of AST Android SMS Transfer, install it on your PC and Android phone separately.

export android sms export android sms

2. Go to your Android UI and launch AST Android SMS Transfer. In the main menu, press “Backup SMS” to export Android SMS to computer.

export android sms

3.Enter a name for the backup SMS file or just use the default name. And now your Android text messages have been backed up in your SD card in .db file.
export android sms

4. Connect your Android phone to PC via USB, and copy the backup SMS file to computer. Now you successfully export SMS from Android to Computer. Finally, you can launch AST Android SMS Transfer on PC, and click “File” then “Import” to add the backup SMS file to the program. Now you are able to view, edit, or delete the text messages. What’s more, you can export Android SMS as CSV or TXT file by clicking the “Export” button.
export android sms

save mobile phone text message to sd card

questions like below:
I need to do a hard reset because I still have the 100% awake time after the update. I have already backed up my contacts and apps (thanks to information I have found here ). But I would like to be able to save all my current text messages. Is there a way to do that? I hate losing all these conversations. Thanks for your help! I have tried a search, but can't find info on saving text messages to SD card. My wife got the incredible so I activated it. Then she says she wants the text messages off her droid. They are still there, but I don't know how to get them or forward them to her. Any suggestions? TIA! I have Samsung galaxy y android phone. It’s a very nice phone the only one disadvantage is the internal memory of this phone. The internal memory is only 190 MB. I usually suffered with low internal memory problem. I want to know is there any app which moves the text messages to SD card to solve the internal memory issue. If yes then tell me where I find it?   Now I suggest you use AST android sms transfer:  How to save mobile phone text message to sd card  1. Free download AST Android SMS Transfer, install and launch it in your Android phone. save text message to sd cardsave text message to sd card

AST Android SMS Transfer offers two options: SMS Backup and SMS Restore.  save text message to sd card  2. Choose “Backup SMS” to save text messages to sd card android.   You can input a name for the saved file or just use the default name.   save text message to sd card  3. Click “OK” and your Android text messages will be successfully saved to micro SD memory card in .db file .   save text message to sd card

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tips for transfer sms from android to android

The Android mobile operating system as one of the world's most popular smartphone platform position continuously strengthen, the three months ended March 2013, the global market share of 64.2%.

By surveyed In Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Britain and the United States those nine countries , the results show that the Android market share on average for 64.2% in the first quarter of this year. Japan is the only one Android has not yet established dominance of the market, apple's iOS are still in the lead, the market share of 49.2%, slightly higher than the 45.8% of Android.

Forget the Japan market, to see in the United States, Britain, Germany and other developed countries, emerging countries such as China, and like Spain which now economic crisis, Android is ahead of iOS. Among them, the Android's market share reached 93.5% in Spain.

As the the android market growth faster and faster, but more and more problems also emerge in our daily life, such as how to transfer sms from android to android, which means if you buy a new android phone, how to transfer the text messages from your old android phone to new android phone.

The following post will let you know how to transfer sms from android to android use AST backup android sms software.

Step 1. Install Android SMS Transfer

transfer sms from android to androidtransfer sms from android to android

Step 2. Backup Old Android SMS Messages

Run Android SMS Transfer on your old Android mobile. Hit “Backup SMS” to backup your old Android text messages. All your SMS messages will be saved to SD card in .db file.

transfer sms from android to android

Step 3. Transfer SMS from Android to Android

To transfer SMS messages from old Android to new Android, you need to transfer the backup file (.db file) to new phone using Bluetooth or via USB connection to computer first.

Tips for print android text messages

When using the android software, because by the authorization, the software can handle information and copied to the software developer's server, for example, "Angry birds" requires a short news to read and send privileges, it's likely when user playing with "angry birds" game and the same time it has been read your android phone text messages. In addition, multiple software has the function of copy and read your phone book.

By tracking survey found that 65% of the program will send those information to developers, 38% of the information is sent to the advertiser, and 12% of the information is sent to confirm the identity of the third party.

With such a situation, how should we protect our text messages privacy?

The answer is: we can copy and backup the text messages, and then delete those in your phone by using AST android sms transfer, you can also use this software to print android text messages.
How to use AST android sms transfer?

Step 1. Install Software on Android and Computer

Free download the installation package of Jihosoft Android SMS Transfer. Decompress it and you will see two folders: “PC Port” and “Phone Port”. Install the app on your Android phone and computer separately.

print android text messagesprint android text messages

Step 2. Backup Android Text Messages to SD Card

Run this app on your Android phone. Click “Backup SMS” and all your Android text messages will be quickly saved to the SD card in .db file.

print android text messages

Step 3. Transfer Saved Android Text Messages to PC

Connect your Android mobile to PC via USB cable. Then find and copy the backup .db file from Android phone to computer.

Step 4. Print Out Android Text Messages on PC

Run Android SMS Transfer on your PC. Click “File” then “Import” to load the .db file to the program. Now you can print Android SMS on paper by clicking the “Print” button. You are allowed to preview the text messages before printing.

print android text messages

Tips for transfer text messages to new phone

By collecting mobile phone users demand of system, screen, brand, model, price and the cost that found that advocates of the iPhone is only 18.2%, and that figure was 31.8% in the same period last year. Instead, android mobile phone brands such as samsung and HTC is recognised, the samsung increase more than doubled at the same time from last year and up to 42.9%. In addition, because of the high quality of NOKIA, it is still have a certain status in the market.

So with such more android phone user in now days, how to transfer text messages to new phone become a big problems and so may people want to find a easy way to backup the old text messages from old phone to new phone.

Now here are steps about how to transfer text messages to new phone.

Step 1. Download and Install Android SMS backup software Free download Jihosoft Android SMS Transfer from the official site. Get it installed on both the old HTC Wildfire and new Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone.

transfer text messages to new phonetransfer text messages to new phone

Step 2. Backup Text Messages to Android’s SD Card

Run Android SMS Transfer on HTC Wildfire. Click “Backup SMS”, input a name for the backup file and click “OK”. All messages will be quickly saved to SD card in .db file.

transfer text messages to new phone

Step 3. Transfer Text Messages to New Phone Android

Transfer saved text messages from old android to new phone android using Bluetooth built in the HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Step 4. Restore Text Messages to New Android Phone

Run Android SMS Transfer on Galaxy S3. Click “Restore SMS” and select the backup file to restore text messages to new Android phone. In seconds, all old Android text messages will in the new phone’s mail box.

transfer text messages to new phone

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AST android sms transfer - samsung galaxy s3 sms transfer

July 13, 2012, U.S. carrier AT & T has officially announced the Samsung GalaxyS III adds a new red version, taken from the American flag colors, but also increase the memory to a 2GB RAM, but the Samsung Galaxy S III U.S. version of the built processors does not use the quad-core processor, but switch to the 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4MSM8960 processors. In addition it offers two kinds of 16GB and 32 GB storage capacities.

This post let you know about samsung galaxy s3 sms transfer

Step 1: Download Android SMS Transfer. Free download the latest version of Android SMS Transfer from the official site. Get the app installed on your PC and Samsung Galaxy S3 respectively.

samsung galaxy s3 sms transfersamsung galaxy s3 sms transfer

Step 2: Backup Samsung Galaxy S3 SMS. Run the app on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Click “Backup SMS” to backup text messages in your Android phone. The text messages will be stored in .db file format in a “SmsBackup” folder.

samsung galaxy s3 sms transfer

Step 3: Transfer Samsung Galaxy S3 SMS to PC. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to PC via USB cable. Find and copy the SMS that are stored in your Android phone to computer.

Step 4: Manage Galaxy S III SMS on PC. Open the Android SMS Transfer on computer, click “File”->”Import” to add the backup .db file, then print out or export the text messages on PC or Mac as your requirement.

samsung galaxy s3 sms transfer

AST android sms transfer - samsung galaxy sii sms transfer

Galaxy S II GT-i9100 is Samsung's first dual-core phone, equipped with Android2.3.3 operating system, 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM, there are two kinds of 16GB and 32GB versions, hardware quite sturdy. The screen is a 4.3-inch touch screen with Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus technology, the display is clearer than the previous generation Samsung i9000 vivid. 800-megapixel camera, with a 2-megapixel front camera, camera capabilities and video calling capabilities into account. Black and white two color options, excellent design, comprehensive ability is very strong.

Here this article talk about samsung galaxy sii sms transfer.

Steps to Transfer Samsung Galaxy SII SMS to Computer with Android SMS backup tool.
1, Download the program and install it on your Android device and computer separately.

samsung galaxy sii sms transfersamsung galaxy sii sms transfer

2, Launch the software on your S2, hit “Backup SMS” to backup your SMS in the SD card with a .db file. To restore messages, just slightly tap “Restore SMS” and select the .db file.

samsung galaxy sii sms transfer

3, Copy the backup file to computer and then launch AST Android SMS Transfer on PC. Click “File” on the panel and then “Import” to import the .db file. Now you can view, edit, delete, and print out the text messages. Also, you can export the backup SMS for future use.

samsung galaxy sii sms transfer

AST android sms transfer - samsung galaxy note ii sms transfer

Galaxy Note II uses 5.5 inches HD Super AMOLED screen with a 16:9 widescreen ratio presented its 720p resolution screen that provides the user a clear and detailed excellent visual experience. Although the resolution compared to the first generation Note decreased 80 pixels, but the actual screen display but also improves. The reason is Galaxy Note D uses a new type of RGB pixel arrangement, compared to Pentile pixel arrangement, showing the effect is more delicate.

Here do you want to know samsung galaxy note ii sms transfer, this article is write about sms transfer for samsung galaxy not ii.

AST Android SMS Transfers supports backup your Galaxy Note II text messages to PC in txt or csv file format, which will be easily opened on PC for view, edit or print. You can also use it to backup and restore Android SMS, or transfer the text messages to a new Android phone.

*Transfer the SMS in your Android mobile to your computer with ease

*Restore the SMS backup in computer to your Android phone freely

*Edit and save your SMS in your computer conveniently

*Export Android SMS to document files in format such as txt, csv.

*Print your Android SMS out in amazing threading mode

samsung galaxy note ii sms transfersamsung galaxy note ii sms transfer

samsung galaxy note ii sms transfer