Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tips for Transfer Pictures from Android to PC

Android mobile Backup has always been a very important issue, but most people will always think about to backup after he/she has lost all the impaortant information. Although today's cloud services development is getting better, photos can backup on Flickr, Facebook, and video can be sent to YouTube, the file can put in SkyDrive, , but you know there are still many people like to put photos on the local computer, whether laptop or desktop computers.

March 31 is World Backup Day, who used to remind the user it's time to backup data now. In fact, android cell phone pictures backup and recovery is tight inextricably linked, but most people only care about how to restore the pictures, the backup is indifferent, which of course is not acceptable.

Here we introduce a easy use software to help you Transfer Pictures from Android to PC.

Jihosoft Android Photo Transfer can backup your android pictures on your computer with simple easy steps,and this software support all android OS mobile phones, this one also have a function for transfer your video to computer. Here we talk about how to use this useful software.

Step1, Connect Android Phone to PC

Connect your Android device to PC using USB cable. After that, turn on the USB debugging. Make sure you can see your phone storage on computer. If not, Samsung users please install USB driver from samsung official website.

Step2: Run Jihosoft Android Photo Transfer

Install and run it. Click “Check Device” and the program will detect connected Android phone automatically. When your phone is detected, click “Load” to load all the photos and videos from your Android to it.

Step3: Backup Android Photos on PC

When the files are loaded completely, click “Backup” to transfer photos and videos to the destination folder on your computer. That’s all.

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