Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to export Android sms

question like:
Hay all, I've troled around and haven't found an answer that is realy tickling my fancy. I need an app to export text threds to a word or quick office document (for legal issues). I have heard about SMS backup and will be dld'ing tonight to try out, but from what I have read so far it's not quite what I want. there is a certian individual that I have to save all comunications from, so I was hoping to find something where I could just select a thread. If this isn't possible I don't mind exporting all of them and just deleting what I don't need (I don't get that many SMS anyway). Any Ideas?


I was hoping that you could please tell me how can I back up and export SMS and MMS messages to my PC from Android phones (HTC Desire). I have very important messages to and from people which are actually MMS length and I dont want to ever lose these and need them backed up to my PC. So, what are some methods to back up SMS and MMS messages and export them to my PC? Thank you very much in advance. Any help is appreciated,


I want to be able to export my Android SMS database to my Mac in a friendly txt, html or pdf format that is easy to read. I have the sms.db file ready to use, i just want to be able to easily convert it. What applications that are completely free can I use? I have over 10000 sms in this database. Thanks!  visit:  Use AST android sms transfer to export android sms: 1. To get started, free download the latest version of AST Android SMS Transfer, install it on your PC and Android phone separately.

export android sms export android sms

2. Go to your Android UI and launch AST Android SMS Transfer. In the main menu, press “Backup SMS” to export Android SMS to computer.

export android sms

3.Enter a name for the backup SMS file or just use the default name. And now your Android text messages have been backed up in your SD card in .db file.
export android sms

4. Connect your Android phone to PC via USB, and copy the backup SMS file to computer. Now you successfully export SMS from Android to Computer. Finally, you can launch AST Android SMS Transfer on PC, and click “File” then “Import” to add the backup SMS file to the program. Now you are able to view, edit, or delete the text messages. What’s more, you can export Android SMS as CSV or TXT file by clicking the “Export” button.
export android sms

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