Friday, July 12, 2013

How To Use Ast Android Sms Transfer

AST android sms transfer is a useful android cell phone text messages backup and restore managment aplication. That's application designed for mobile phone running google android OS. This software help you backup and restore android text messages between android OS mobile and computer include Win and Mac.

With this software you can:

Backup to save text messages from android to computer.

Restore text messages from computer to android mobile phone.

You can edit, copy, delete exported text messages on your computer (win and mac).
Pc port of AST android sms transfer help you export to a variety of farmats, such as txt, CSV etc.

Easy to use this software with fast speed.


Here a guide for how to use AST android sms transfer backup sms to pc

Step1: Backup SMS in Android

Install the Phone Port of Android SMS Transfer on your mobile. Run it and hit “Backup SMS” to backup all text messages in SD card with a .db file. The .db file will be stored in a “SmsBackup” folder on your mobile.

Step2: Transfer Android Text Messages to PC

Plug in your Android to PC via USB cable. Move the .db file you backup right now to computer. And this helps you make a safeguard for your Android text messages on PC. You can restore it to your phone if you need one day.

Step3: Manage SMS Messages on PC

Open the PC Port of Android SMS Transfer. Click “File” -> “Import” to add the backup .db file. Then you will be able to view, print out or export the text
messages to PC as your requirement.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Recover Nikon Coolpix Deleted Photos and Videos

Nikon Coolpix is a powerful Nikon camera which can capture photos in high definition. Many people have stored a number of precious photos in it. If you inadvertently threw all photos from your Nikon Coolpix, and you want to restore those photos, what can you do?

So do you want to get all the deleted photos back from Nikon Coolpix? Don't worry about that! this article will suggest you the best easy use photo recovery tools and help you recover your erased pictures.

Nowadays, more and more photo recovery applications in software market. I have compared with other photo recover tool, Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac can recover photos, videos and music from SD card. With it, you can restore your Nikon Coolpix photos without any hassle. After you deleted the photos, the SD card memory areas become empty. Jihosoft photo recovery for mac identifies that which kind of photos used to be there in this empty SD card memory area. Jihosoft photo recovery for mac can find and reconstruct the complete file. After reconstruction we can recover deleted photo back.

OK, download Jihosoft photo recovery for mac and copy of it to your Mac computer and follow the steps to recover photos from Nikon Coolpix.

Step 1: Download jihosoft Photo Recovery

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Jihosoft offers free trial version for users to recover photos from Nikon Coolpix. Go to its official site ( ), download and set up it into your Mac computer.

Step 2: Scan Memory Card

Connect the camera memory card to your Mac computer with the card reader. run the software, select the memory card for recovery and then click “Start Scan”.

Step 3: Recover Deleted Photos from camera momory card

After the scan has completed, preview and select the photos which you want to recovery from and click “Recover” .

Those three steps it easy to use, now you can get the deleted photos back.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon Powershot Camera

Photos or pictures are the best way to record your important times. Most Canon Powershot Camera user take a lot of photos for the most memorable moments and save them on the Canon Powershot Camera's memory card. many of us accidentally deleted some pictures from camera due to some reason just like trying to delete one photo but mistakenly chooseing "delete all" on your camera, overwrite the existing photos with the same file name while copying photos from camera to pc, or even had them deliberately deleted by someone else.

Don't worry, the jihosoft android photo recovery software can help you get the deleted files back. These programs rely on the fact that files aren't usually physically expunged from your memory card or hard drive when you decide to delete them or even to format the drive. Instead the data is left in place but the system marks the space they occupy as usable for new files. It's not until a new file is written to the same place on the storage medium that it becomes overwritten and physically lost.

Here we will tell you how to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon Powershot Camera:
Step 1: Download Canon Powershot Photo Recovery

Download link:

Jihosoft offers free trial version of Canon Powershot Photo Recovery for users. Download one and install it on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Scanning for Deleted Canon Powershot Photos

Run this Mac Photo Recovery. In the drive list, select your Canon Powershot memory card and click “Start Scan” to scan deleted Canon Powershot photos.

Step 3: Recover Deleted Images from Canon Powershot

Preview and check the recoverable photos that scanned out. Choose the image files you want to recover from Canon Powershot and click “Recover”.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tips For Recover Photos From Sd Card

Many people think that if he/she delete the photo or sometimes photo file become damaged, the photos will can not saved or recovered. These perceptions are wrong. Most photos can be recovered with the right SD Card Data Recovery software. You can Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card easily on your own no matter you are running computer with Windows or Mac OS.

The best easy method to retrieve your photos is by installing a application that will recognize or locate the “deleted” document and convert them back to their original file. Here a cool application we've tested and suggested is named Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac.

Free download Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac from, install and run it on your computer, then connect the SD card to MAC by using SD card reader. You will see the drive list after you run this application, click "start scan", the software will search your lost photos from your SD card.

Check the recoverable photos from search result and choose which file you would like to recover, last step is click "recover" to get your lost photos back.

Friday, July 5, 2013

How to Transfer LG Nexus 4 SMS to Samsung Galaxy S4

Nexus 4 is the google's fourth nexus-branded android smartphone, designed and manufactured by lg electronics, with android 4.2 operating system, 1.5 ghz apq8064 inside and 2 gb of lpddr2, beautiful 4.7-inch 720p display. the samsung galaxy s4 is a smartphone manufactured by samsung electronics, with a 13-megapixel back camera, and a 5-inch (130 mm) 1080p display. if you have nexus 4 and galaxy s4, how to transfer lg nexus 4 sms to samsung galaxy s4?

To get started, free download the latest version of Android SMS Transfer from the official site. Decompress the installation package, and install the app respectively on your LG Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Step 1: Backup LG Nexus 4 SMS to Micro-SD Card
Run LG Nexus 4 SMS Transfer on your LG Nexus 4. Click on “Backup SMS” on the main interface. Your LG Nexus 4 SMS messages will be automatically backed up to the micro-SD card in .db file.

Step 2: Transfer LG Nexus 4 SMS to Galaxy S4
Connect your LG Nexus 4 with Samsung Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth. Directly transfer the SMS .db file from LG Nexus 4 to Galaxy S4. Or you can connect the two smartphones to computer for transition.

Step 3: Restore LG Nexus 4 SMS to Galaxy S4
Start Android SMS Transfer on Galaxy S4. Here click on “Restore SMS”, and then select the .db file. Click “OK”, the software will work fast to restore your LG Nexus SMS to Samsung Galaxy S4.

When restoration completes, you will be able to view LG Nexus 4 SMS messages in the new Samsung Galaxy S4’s mail box. Besides the Galaxy S4, LG Nexus 4 SMS Transfer allows you to transfer LG Nexus 4 SMS to other popular Androids, for example, transfer SMS from LG Nexus 4 to HTC One.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to backup & restore sms for android mobile phone?

Whether root your android cell phone, or restore factory settings, we will lost all the imformations, but as you know, we often store our important information in mobile phone, just like contacts, text messages, pictures. If you delete those information, that was really a great loss for us. So if you do not want lose all the information, you need backup it.

Here I suggest you try AST android sms transfer, this software can help us backup and restore all the text messages. Below are the steps for how to use AST android sms transfer( you can downlaod it at the end of this articles.).

1.Run this program on your Android phone. On the main interface, you will see two options for you: Backup SMS and Restore SMS.

2.To backup Android SMS, click “Backup SMS”, then you will see a popup window which hints you to input a file name for the file backed up, ignore it if you want to use the default name. Click “OK”, and your Android text messages will be automatically saved to the SD card in .db file.

3.To restore Android SMS, click “Restore SMS”. Then choose the .db file stored in your phone and click “OK”.

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How to Recover Photos from Hard Drive

We often encounter such a situation like computer hard disk damage when using computer, computer hard disk as a cabinet, help us to store a lot of precious things just like important document files, your family or girl friend photos, if you loss of these documents, that is a big loss for us.

But do not worry about this, I have found a useful tool that help us recovery your photos from Mac hard drive, the software named Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac (you can download at the end of this article).

Here the steps for how to use Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac.

Step 1: Launch Hard Drive Photo Recovery Software

Download and install Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac into your Mac. Then run the software.

Step 2: Begin to Scan Hard Drive for Deleted Files

Select the hard drive from the drive list. For example, if your deleted pictures are stored in “Macintosh HD”, just tap on it and then click “Start Scan” to begin scanning.

Step 3: Recover Photos from Hard Drive
All scanned files will be presented organically. Select the image files you want to recover and click “Recover” to start photo recovery from hard drive.

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