Friday, July 12, 2013

How To Use Ast Android Sms Transfer

AST android sms transfer is a useful android cell phone text messages backup and restore managment aplication. That's application designed for mobile phone running google android OS. This software help you backup and restore android text messages between android OS mobile and computer include Win and Mac.

With this software you can:

Backup to save text messages from android to computer.

Restore text messages from computer to android mobile phone.

You can edit, copy, delete exported text messages on your computer (win and mac).
Pc port of AST android sms transfer help you export to a variety of farmats, such as txt, CSV etc.

Easy to use this software with fast speed.


Here a guide for how to use AST android sms transfer backup sms to pc

Step1: Backup SMS in Android

Install the Phone Port of Android SMS Transfer on your mobile. Run it and hit “Backup SMS” to backup all text messages in SD card with a .db file. The .db file will be stored in a “SmsBackup” folder on your mobile.

Step2: Transfer Android Text Messages to PC

Plug in your Android to PC via USB cable. Move the .db file you backup right now to computer. And this helps you make a safeguard for your Android text messages on PC. You can restore it to your phone if you need one day.

Step3: Manage SMS Messages on PC

Open the PC Port of Android SMS Transfer. Click “File” -> “Import” to add the backup .db file. Then you will be able to view, print out or export the text
messages to PC as your requirement.

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