Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to backup & restore sms for android mobile phone?

Whether root your android cell phone, or restore factory settings, we will lost all the imformations, but as you know, we often store our important information in mobile phone, just like contacts, text messages, pictures. If you delete those information, that was really a great loss for us. So if you do not want lose all the information, you need backup it.

Here I suggest you try AST android sms transfer, this software can help us backup and restore all the text messages. Below are the steps for how to use AST android sms transfer( you can downlaod it at the end of this articles.).

1.Run this program on your Android phone. On the main interface, you will see two options for you: Backup SMS and Restore SMS.

2.To backup Android SMS, click “Backup SMS”, then you will see a popup window which hints you to input a file name for the file backed up, ignore it if you want to use the default name. Click “OK”, and your Android text messages will be automatically saved to the SD card in .db file.

3.To restore Android SMS, click “Restore SMS”. Then choose the .db file stored in your phone and click “OK”.

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