Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Recover Nikon Coolpix Deleted Photos and Videos

Nikon Coolpix is a powerful Nikon camera which can capture photos in high definition. Many people have stored a number of precious photos in it. If you inadvertently threw all photos from your Nikon Coolpix, and you want to restore those photos, what can you do?

So do you want to get all the deleted photos back from Nikon Coolpix? Don't worry about that! this article will suggest you the best easy use photo recovery tools and help you recover your erased pictures.

Nowadays, more and more photo recovery applications in software market. I have compared with other photo recover tool, Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac can recover photos, videos and music from SD card. With it, you can restore your Nikon Coolpix photos without any hassle. After you deleted the photos, the SD card memory areas become empty. Jihosoft photo recovery for mac identifies that which kind of photos used to be there in this empty SD card memory area. Jihosoft photo recovery for mac can find and reconstruct the complete file. After reconstruction we can recover deleted photo back.

OK, download Jihosoft photo recovery for mac and copy of it to your Mac computer and follow the steps to recover photos from Nikon Coolpix.

Step 1: Download jihosoft Photo Recovery

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Jihosoft offers free trial version for users to recover photos from Nikon Coolpix. Go to its official site ( ), download and set up it into your Mac computer.

Step 2: Scan Memory Card

Connect the camera memory card to your Mac computer with the card reader. run the software, select the memory card for recovery and then click “Start Scan”.

Step 3: Recover Deleted Photos from camera momory card

After the scan has completed, preview and select the photos which you want to recovery from and click “Recover” .

Those three steps it easy to use, now you can get the deleted photos back.

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