Thursday, June 20, 2013

save mobile phone text message to sd card

questions like below:
I need to do a hard reset because I still have the 100% awake time after the update. I have already backed up my contacts and apps (thanks to information I have found here ). But I would like to be able to save all my current text messages. Is there a way to do that? I hate losing all these conversations. Thanks for your help! I have tried a search, but can't find info on saving text messages to SD card. My wife got the incredible so I activated it. Then she says she wants the text messages off her droid. They are still there, but I don't know how to get them or forward them to her. Any suggestions? TIA! I have Samsung galaxy y android phone. It’s a very nice phone the only one disadvantage is the internal memory of this phone. The internal memory is only 190 MB. I usually suffered with low internal memory problem. I want to know is there any app which moves the text messages to SD card to solve the internal memory issue. If yes then tell me where I find it?   Now I suggest you use AST android sms transfer:  How to save mobile phone text message to sd card  1. Free download AST Android SMS Transfer, install and launch it in your Android phone. save text message to sd cardsave text message to sd card

AST Android SMS Transfer offers two options: SMS Backup and SMS Restore.  save text message to sd card  2. Choose “Backup SMS” to save text messages to sd card android.   You can input a name for the saved file or just use the default name.   save text message to sd card  3. Click “OK” and your Android text messages will be successfully saved to micro SD memory card in .db file .   save text message to sd card

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