Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HTC Rhyme to get de-bloated in upcoming OTA

The HTC Rhyme was one interesting phone to behold when HTC announced it, but we didn’t expect it to be the type of smash mouth device that HTC would prioritize when it comes to delivering Android updates. We’re not totally disappointed it still hasn’t gotten Ice Cream Sandwich — after all, this one-off device was aimed at the crowd who probably wouldn’t care about bleeding edge software in the first place — but it would be nice to get it.

That said, it definitely will be getting a small OTA update soon as Verizon has posted new details about it to its support site. The upgrade actually de-bloats the experience, removing video on-demand, music on-demand and the now-dead (well, dead if you have a modern Android device) V Cast. There are no other notable changes it seems, so sit back and relax as we wait for this one to roll in (we imagine no one’s in a huge rush to grab it either way).

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