Saturday, April 27, 2013

Top 5 "Must-Have" Android Apps

I recently switched to Android and was wondering with what applications should I get started, which led me to dozens of posts on the web claiming their own "must-haves" and this made me install lots of them. So now that I am reasonably well-experienced with Android and its apps, I'm encouraged to list my own set of top 10 Android apps.

1. Google Music
You have several options to choose from when it comes to online music streaming service. But this one I found, has an edge over all the others, yes even Spotify. Having used Spotify for more than 2 years now, I've recently switched to Google Music, which currently is in its beta phase. The current changes in Spotify's User Agreement have made Spotify incapable of fulfilling my music requirements. Also listening to music on Spotify from a mobile device has never been free, while Google Music lets you synchronize your local music tracks across all the devices.

You simply have to download the Google Music Manager on your computer which lets you upload all your local tracks to your Google Music Account and these can then be listened to from your internet-enable Android phone with the Google Music app installed.

2. Gowalla
With "cut-throat" competition amongst the recently emerged geo-location based check-in services, Gowalla seems to be the better one, according to me, out of other available options such as Facebook Places, Yelp, and yes even Foursquare, which are also very popular ones.

The Gowalla App for Android is extremely user-friendly with an appealing user interface that lets you easily check-in to any place or even add a new place. It also lets you effortlessly attach a photo with a single click, and then share your activity with your friends on Gowalla, Facebook and Twitter as well!

3. Google Voice
Google Voice is a service offered by Google that lets you make phone calls and SMS to any US or Canada number for absolutely no cost, and at very affordable rates to numbers outside the United State or Canada. Though I'm not based in either of the two countries, I still use Google Voice to communicate with my relatives and my web hosting service Provider in the US.

I simply love the way it push-notifies me about and when there's a missed call, SMS or a new voicemail (along with its transcript) and then lets me reply to the SMS and play the voicemail with a single click.

4. CSipSimple
CSipSimple according to me, is undoubtedly the best SIP soft-phone for Android that lets you add and configure your SIP account from any of the many SIP service providers listed and make free SIP calls over it. I personally use a SIPGate account as the primary one, to which I forward my Google Voice calls.

5. SMS Backup
You might have to delete some old text messages but at the same time you don't want to loose them either, here's SMS Backup. AST Android SMS Transfer is a professional tool which helps you transfer Android SMS to computer or from one Android phone to another. This Android SMS Transfer APK helps you achieve a simple but effective management of your SMS.

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