Friday, January 18, 2013

5 My Favourite Best Free Android Games

When I viewed Best Android Games from, I found it lists some android games, which are my favourite android games.

The Next Five Best Android Games are my favourite. They are free games, and worth playing.

1.Killer Escape (Free)

Here’s a change of pace from your average Android game. Killer Escape is an old school point-and-click adventure spiced up by the fact that you are trying to escape the clutches of a crazed serial killer. It has a nice spooky atmosphere and offers a typical blend of exploration and a collection of diverse puzzles. It’s not a long game and it never gets too challenging, but it is fun while it lasts and it’s also completely free. Can you escape before you get hacked into little pieces? There’s only one way to find out.

2.Steampunk Racing 3D (Free)

If you’ve been waiting for steampunk styling to crash into battle racing then get ready to be very happy indeed. This is all about action-packed races to the death. You can customize 10 different vehicles with 30 improvements and weapons to give yourself the edge in the single player campaign or the multiplayer arena. The grimy industrial art style is spot on for steampunk fans and the gameplay is fast and frenetic. It’s free to download, but you’ll find the usual in-app purchase options to help you gain an edge over the competition.

3.Temple Run (Free)

Temple Run has finally come to Android, but it’s been on iOS since 2011. The gist of the game is pretty simple. You have clearly trespassed on ancient ruins where you don’t belong and are now fleeing from a bunch of evil monkey creatures. To survive, you must swipe up, down, left, or right, and tilt your device to dodge obstacles and collect coins. The key to this game is its simplicity and tight controls. When you swipe down to slide, you instinctively know just how far you’ll go. The precision controls have made it a hit and definitely worth checking out.

4.Wind-up Knight (Free)

We’re all familiar with the old stand-by fairy tale storyline of the knight in shining armor saving the distressed princess. Wind-Up Knight takes that story and makes you want to tell the princess exactly what you had to go through to save her. With 50 levels that promise to shake your confidence and crush your self-esteem, Wind-Up Knight is a platformer that makes you exhale a deep sigh of relief at the end of every world. Even armor upgrades and weapon enhancements won’t provide a promise of safety. Just pick up your sword, throw on your helmet, and hope for the best.

5.Angry Birds Space (Free)

Just when you thought Angry Birds had left the nest, Rovio brings it back. Angry Birds Space is the first true sequel to Birds and comes packed with classic bird-slinging action, but entirely new types of puzzles. The space setting allows the game to toy with gravity and planets. Now, birds fly in whatever direction the gravity goes, adding a whole new dynamic. Since each planet has its own gravity field (like a halo around the planet), you can make birds spin around planets and fly in all sorts of directions.

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